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We understand there are lots of questions in the community about the Hospital’s development project. We are doing our best to provide you with the answers you are looking for in a timely manner.

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Why is Stage 2 so critical?
Has a location been confirmed?
Is the 30 acres on the Poplar Sideroad still available for a new hospital?
What have we learned from COVID-19 that will be applied to Stage 2 Planning?
What are the key steps in the Planning Process?
What is the role of User Groups in the Planning Process?
What is the $15 million announced on August 10th to be used for?
Are we doing a redevelopment now and then building a new hospital?
What happens to the site if the hospital moves? What is the estimated cost to demolish? Who pays for demolition?
Would it not be cheaper to re-use the existing building?
Would it be possible to re-use the existing building for clinics?
Can we keep the existing hospital for trauma and create another facility?
Have you considered moving services out of the hospital such as dialysis, physiotherapy and chemotherapy?
Given that >70% of the current hospital's building systems have exceeded their life expectancy, has a costing been developed related to the replacement of these systems and can it even be done while continuing to operate the facility?
Will CGMH be adding a pediatric unit to the new hospital?

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